Ghostwriter Agreement

Please note. I am not a lawyer and this isn’t legal advice. If you use this ghostwriter agreement, it’s on you. You may want a lawyer to look it over. Having said that, I use this all the time but again, it’s up to you to do your due diligence. If you have a ghostwriter and don’t use an agreement, well, you probably don’t own your work. Here is the agreement:

Collaborators Agreement

I'm going to talk about the collaborator's agreement that is freely available and necessary for anyone who cowrites books with another author or a partner. Transcript Hello. I’m going to talk about the collaborator’s agreement that is freely available and necessary for anyone who cowrites books with another author or a partner. Hello. Welcome back, and this is an addendum to my existing post on collaborator’s agreements. First I want to emphasize I am not a lawyer, although this has been used for the last 20-plus years in my career as a songwriter. One of the things I want to emphasi …

Apple Store and Pirates

If your book is successful enough, it will be pirated. The worst offender seems to be Apple’s iTunes store. How do you get Apple to listen?

Jutoh Page Flip Hack

There’s a major problem with Page Flip’s and Kindle not counting for anything but one page if a reader happens to read the entire book or even parts of the book with Page Flip.

Using Acrobat Pro to Digitally Sign Documents

This is a short video showing how you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro to send documents out for digital signatures.

Speculative Fiction Showcase Interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Speculative Fiction Showcase. Here is the interview: Today, the Speculative Fiction Showcase is pleased to interview Jon Griffin, author of Black Space, Cloudbreak and other SFF stories. You say you like to write in many genres. What attracts you to Speculative Fiction? I have been a reader of sci-fi and fantasy since I first learned to read. I’ve read all the classics, and though I have less time to read as I get older, I still prefer reading spec-fiction. I write in other genres because I have ideas that don’t always play out in a spec-fiction w …

Jutoh – Hyperlink not resolved in TOC

If  you are using a Jutoh template that was created in version 1 in a Jutoh 2 program, you may get a compile error when you try to create a .mobi file. The error will say:  Hyperlink not resolved in toc (possible reason can be that link points to a tag with display:none) Fig. 1 – Some hyperlinks could not be resolved This is a little misleading since the error is really caused by a corrupt object. Usually an image that is present in the template file. You can get a hint by noticing it’s in section-0001.html, but unless you make a .epub file, you can’t examine the book (Book | Examine or F6). Y …

Author Relaunch – Day 1

Yes, I am very late, but my other pen names already make most of my money, so I have to deal with them first! So, let’s get started. Strategy My strategy, and this will change as I go along, is to have a free, unreleased book to giveaway for an email subscriber. The book I am giving away is Cold Pursuit. It’s a psychological espionage short story. At this point it is only available from my email list (hint, if you want a copy, you can get it at: http://PLACEHOLDER.wpsho/get-your-free-book/ 🙂 I also completely rewrote two other shorts that have been sitting on my hard drive for over a y …

How to Replace a Book in a Jutoh Compilation

Get Jutoh – Click Here Transcript One of the great things about Jutoh is it’s very easy to make compilations. I have a video about making a compilation in Jutoh. You know that I love it, but one of the problems that I found was I had an older book from a client that was re-edited, and now I need to put the new edited version in. I was thinking to myself, how can I do this without re-doing the whole thing? Well, the first thing I did was go up to book, import from project. It comes up, you can import from whatever your project was. That didn’t work. Of course import from project, I had to also …

Using irFanView to batch edit images

I recently decided to repurpose a product and turn it into a book and Kindle version. The Kindle version had no real issues with images since they get down sampled anyway, but the printed book needed to have the images at at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). If not the images would almost certainly be grainy, and I don’t want that. Most screen capture software saves the images at 96 dpi or sometimes 72 dpi. I started using Photoshop and taking each image and making it 384 dpi by using the bicubic sampling functions. It was a pain. First, change the image type to indexed color, then upscale, downs …

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