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Define your audience for Facebook Insights - Part 1


Today I’m going to talk about using Facebook’s Insights and one way to get a more targeted audience. An easy thing to do is go to an author page. What I notice, and when you go to the author page is customers also bought items by. It gives you a list of 16 people you can look at. What I do is I copy all those and pull them onto a notepad or something that I can just copy. Then we’re going to go to just to Facebook and type in the name, like Tamika Farnsworth, we know there’s nobody there. There’s no page there. Nila Nix, that’s just a personal page. That’s not really going to help you too much because audience insights doesn’t really work as well that way. Most of the time it won’t show up.

But if you do go to audience insights and you just want to type it in you can copy and paste. If it doesn’t do anything that means there’s nobody there. Let’s try and get one that does work, so hold off while I find one and I’ll come back. This is a live recording. I’m back and I found Renna Peak. You can see she has 1,100 likes. Now what we have to do is basically grab her page, which is RennaPeak all in one word, and we can paste that. Again, that doesn’t show up. See, this is a problem that most of you are having. I’m going to show you how to get around that. I just want to show you that it’s not just you.

One thing you can do, and this is a trick that I was taught by Lisa Hernandez, is we can go to something and say pages liked by people who like and you can type in R-e-n-n-a-p-e-a-k, RennaPeak. Now you can see these have little blue check marks. That means it’s a verified page. Lisa Renee Jones, you’ve got Michelle Valentine, Maya Banks. Now what you can do is grab those and you’ll see Lisa Renee Jones. That isn’t the real Facebook page so you go to author Lisa Renee Jones and usually that will show up better, but depends on Facebook. You got Lisa Renee Jones so they’re just showing her as a regular without the actual page. You have Lisa Renee Jones. NOTE: This no longer works.

Let’s find another one. That was Michelle A. Valentine. 24,000 people, so that’s a fairly big page, and it’s done, so you can go and that one does not show up. You can see just because they have to blue check mark doesn’t mean anything. Let’s try Maya Banks. We can go to Maya Banks and there she shows up as well. Now we’re at 600 to 700,000 monthly active people. You can look at my other video to show you how to do whatever you want with this stuff. Obviously right away I’d go up to 44 because there’s no point in targeting this small group here. I’d obviously get rid of men, at least for the main trial. Now you’ve cut down to 450 to 500,000 monthly people. You could also even go down farther. A lot of times I’ll actually get rid of one. Lisa Renee Jones is the only one in here now and I’ll run an ad set with just Lisa Renee Jones.

Now what happens, if you can’t find anybody or the ones you find really don’t fit your niche, I’ll put that in video. But this is the easy way to use your actual Amazon author page, use some of these people, and you can throw them in pages liked by people who like, and then the author name. You can start going from that. If you have nobody to start with you’ve got to start somewhere, so don’t feel bad if a few of your ads are duds. That’s what testing’s all about. I want to keep this short so please leave comments if you like and sign up for the email list.

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