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Jutoh Page Flip Hack

If you need to make your books non-page flip compliant in Jutoh, here’s a quick lesson.


All right. This is going to be a really quick down and dirty lesson because honestly, I don’t think this technique’s going to last very long, but if you haven’t heard, there’s a major problem with Page Flip’s and Kindle not counting for anything but one page if a reader happens to read the entire book or even parts of the book with Page Flip.

One of the things that has been bandied about is users of books made with Vellum which is another software program that have SVF files which stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, doesn’t matter what they are really for our purposes, but that disables the enhanced types setting in page reads. What’s going to probably happen is Amazon’s going to automatically change those to JPEGs or regular graphics, but that has it’s own problems so I’m not sure how long this will last.

At this point, it’s all speculative whether page reads are going to increase or not, but I can tell you from personal experience that my book that came out right in the midst of this, the very beginning of October of 2016 is down 90% from all the last 6 releases that I’ve done since March, so there’s a definite problem and I’m not the only one. There’s 30 pages on KBoards right now discussing this exact problem. Without further due, let’s get into this.

What we want to do is make a scalable vector graphic, instead of a JPEG or if you don’t have any, just adding one. I just made up a fake little chapter in this. Let’s call this the end right here, so we can put the end or whatever you normally put or nothing. What you want to do is right click, go to insert drawing. You’ll see a bitmap, SVG, MathML, which is for Math we don’t care about. What we want to do is import and it just so happens that I have from a creative company that I do a lot of work with, section break data SVG, which is a standard little line break. We don’t use much anymore, but it’s left over. It was actually a ping file or a JPEG. I don’t remember which and it was converted in Photoshop to SVG. There’s other options too. You can do it online.

Let’s insert that. You’ll see it’s just got a whole bunch of XML junk in there. We don’t really care what it’s saying and we want to change this to inline, to image I mean, so that will make that an image and hit okay. Now what you’re going to find is it just shows drawing. It will not show up in Jutoh and that’s by design. I don’t think there’s a problem with it. The other thing we have to do is go here and go to configurations and type draw and you can just put drawing in here. Drawing object formats, you have to either enable SVG or I just do all, so that way if you happen to have any other image, it’ll show up. You can also hit SVG alternate’s where it’s specified, but we don’t really have any alternatives. We’re just using one.

Now, we’re going to take a look at what it looks like. As I said, you can go back to chapter one, go all the way to the bottom and you’ll see there’s nothing there but drawing. If we go to launch in your Kindle previewer and I wouldn’t worry about any of this. This is just my test template, but if we go here to table of contents, press acknowledgements, that’s the easy way to do it and just go back one page, you’ll see that it actually shows up. That’s the SVG file right there.

Now when you upload that and I tested this with the book that I did, you will not have Page Flip because enhanced type setting will be disabled. Again, I don’t know how long this hack’s going to work, but for now it works and until somebody proves that Page Flip is not any part of the problem, I’m going to continue to use that.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section or if something wasn’t clear, you can do that as well. I’m also going to attach this SVG file in case you want to add that. All right. Have a great day and don’t forget to sign up for the email list and you’ll know when I update this website. Don’t worry, I don’t have spam. I don’t even update it that much so you won’t be in into day to daily with the next warrior forum offer or internet marketing scheme.

Feel free to use your own as well. There are many ways to convert a jpg file to svg online.

SVG File Download


Here is what it looks like so you have an idea.

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