Speculative Fiction Showcase Interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Speculative Fiction Showcase. Here is the interview:

Today, the Speculative Fiction Showcase is pleased to interview Jon Griffin, author of Black Space, Cloudbreak and other SFF stories.

You say you like to write in many genres. What attracts you to Speculative Fiction?

I have been a reader of sci-fi and fantasy since I first learned to read. I’ve read all the classics, and though I have less time to read as I get older, I still prefer reading spec-fiction. I write in other genres because I have ideas that don’t always play out in a spec-fiction way. Believe it or not, my main source of income is romantic suspense. You won’t find that though since I write under a couple of different pen names.

Has travelling and living in many different places affected your writing and if so, how?

I think travelling and living both in the US and abroad allows me to put unique locations or customs into my writing. It also allows me to use people I’ve met in interesting ways.

Tell us a little about *Cloudbreak*, your most recent short.

Cloudbreak started as an idea I had while I was in Medellin Colombia. It was raining for a few days straight and coming from the desert of Las Vegas, seemed like it would never stop. I mentioned the storyline to a writer friend of mine, Lou J. Berger, and we decided to go with it.

The premise is Three children are stranded on a planet light-years from earth and they are running out of food. They only know the rain. 10,000 days of it and someone has to leave the pod or they all die.

It’s a short story.

Read the entire interview here:

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