Using Acrobat Pro to Digitally Sign Documents

This is a short video showing how you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro to send documents out for digital signatures.

Note: You must use the Pro version, it doesn’t work in Acrobat Reader. I have Creative Cloud and it’s included. I’m not 100% sure it works if you only have the paid Adobe Acrobat Pro since it uses the Adobe Cloud for storage.


Hello everybody. This is going to be a short little video on the benefits of having an Adobe Cloud membership every month. I think, even if you just buy Adobe Acrobat Pro, this is included, but there’s no point or need to pay for digital signing anymore because that comes with Adobe Acrobat Pro and that comes with your subscription if you have Adobe Cloud, which probably most of you do. It’s really easy.

You go to file, create, and create form. It’s going to come up with select a file or you can even scan a document, which I’ve never used. I believe it only works with .docx files but I’m not sure. You could find out with the latest Word. I haven’t tried anything else, but you can always try it if you don’t have it. Anyways, let’s just take this sample template here and I’ll show you. We’re going to open that up, and then I say, “This document requires signatures.” I believe you can add them later, but it’s easier just to do this.

Hit start. It’s reading in the file. I don’t know what happened. People talk about these problems with Adobe Acrobat with no dictionaries found. I found it doesn’t matter. I’ve tried a million ways to fix it, and I just ignore it now. Hit okay. Everything works fine. As you can see, you’ve got your regular document, but at the bottom, I’ve got two spots. It automatically sees the lines as signatures or something to fill in, so you can just right-click on it or double-click. It comes up with name tooltip, field type.

We want to go to field type, signature, and make sure you put signer one if it’s going out to somebody. You’re almost always signer two. At least in my documents, I send them out and then I sign second. We hit signer two. You put in the email address. You can put a name if you want. I don’t bother because it’s so simple, but if you have a bunch of forms, you can actually name them, ghost writer or whatever you want. That’s signature one.

You close that, do the same thing with this. It’s not anyone. You want signer two signature. This one has to always be your Adobe account so whatever that is. I’ve tried sending it to a different email of mine and it doesn’t work, so that is the one limitation is you always have to send it to yourself. Okay, so then you’re done. Send for signature. It’s going to save it. It’s going to be in the same place. Save. Then you have to send for signature again, and it’s going to basically say ready to send or prepare if you want to add some other stuff. Ready to send. Uploads it to the cloud, which is another nice thing. All these documents are stored in your personal Adobe account. Tells you where it’s going. We shall send it off. It’s been sent.

You’ll get an email notification that the document’s been sent, and the other person will get an email notification saying that they need to sign this. I’ll pause while we get that up. As you can see, you can get an email. Depending on which system you’re using, it may go to not a spam or something, but just check it. It usually goes to the inbox, but I think it goes to updates in Google if you set it up in Gmail that way. All you do is click. It’ll go to another tab. Says preparing the document.

I’m showing you this because it’ll show you what it looks like from your other person’s point of view. All you do is click the start button, click here. It doesn’t know me, so I have to type in my name. Makes a fake signature, but it doesn’t matter because it’s digitally signed. You apply it. Boom. Click to sign. Now you’ve successfully signed it. The person can download a copy then, but it also sends it when both people have signed, so it’s probably better at that point. It doesn’t matter.

Again, now this time, I’ll get a notification saying that I need to sign. Then it’ll be all done. Let’s wait for that email to come. As you can see right here, your signature’s required, which would have been the same thing as well. You can just click on that again. You can see that the other person has signed. Just click here to review and sign, just like the other one exactly. Of course, this time it knows who I am, so all I have to do is click to sign. It knows it’s me. Apply it. Boom. Click to sign. Now you can download a copy. It’ll also send you an email so don’t worry, plus it’s in the cloud if you ever need it. Now it’s digitally signed.

We’ll take a look at that in a second. I’ll download it, and you can see it comes up here certified Adobe sign. It’s got everything here. It shows both signatures with all the verified stuff, however they do it. That’s that. Just to show you again, you’ll also get work for hire template between me and me and me is signed and filed. That’s all ready to roll. Okay, I hope that helps and saves you a little bit of money and time, because you’ve already got everything set up. Of course, you can do this with any type of signatures for any documents, not just work for hires and that kind of thing.

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