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Using Jutoh to Create Compilations

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In this lesson you’re going to learn how to make book compilations in Jutoh very easily.

Hi, everybody. Jon Griffin here again and in this episode I’m going to show you an easy way to take already existing books that you have in Jutoh and make them into a compilation. Say you have a sci-fi series or a bunch of short stories that you’ve put out but you want to make into a longer book. In this case study we’re going to take some romance novellas from a client and create one big book out of them. It’s really quite easy if you use Jutoh, especially if you use Jutoh for all your epub formatting, which is what I suggest. If you don’t have Jutoh, check it out. There’s a link below this video, and yes, I might make a couple dollars if you happen to buy it.

What we’re going to do here is just open a standard document, create a new one. We’ll call it romance compilation for lack of a better title right now. All this stuff should be the same. I’m not going to go into the basics. I don’t change anything here because I’ve already set up my formats for everything in my normal template. It’s a reflowable book, not a fixed style, which would be like a comic book or a kids book maybe, pictures.

Leave all this stuff the same. I’m not changing styles sheets; that’s another episode. Import we’re just going to do from scratch. No cover design, doesn’t matter. It’s going to create a project and we’ll call this first document just untitled; it doesn’t matter because we’re going to be pulling stuff in. The trick here is you already have your Jutoh files from the other books hopefully. If you’re importing from Word or something else and never have used Jutoh, that is a different matter which I’ll cover separately. It’s a little more work but it’s very easy when you use Jutoh importing other Jutoh books. It’s a little bit hidden, though.

You go to book and we’re going to import from project. In this case I’m in my directory and it comes up with all the different books that I’ve done for people or myself or whoever. The first one we want to bring in and the first of the series it’s going to be called Fighting The Flames. We’ll hit that. We’re going to import it and it’s going to replace existing settings and cannot be undone, but that is okay. We’re going to do that. Now you can see everything is already in there. You can actually delete this untitled, which we don’t need anymore. You’ve got your title page, your table of contents. Obviously you’ll have to change that because it will be a different title with the compilation. Most of your other book formatting should already be there. Your table of contents you’ll have to update when we add more. Acknowledgements about author, copyright, blah blah blah. You can do with those what you want because I’m assuming most of your books have the same basic template, which I will also be discussing in another advanced tutorial.

That’s great, let’s add another one now. Let’s say we need to add our second book here. Just to save time I went up, we’re going to hit Fanning The Flames. We’re going to hit okay. yes, we know that. You can see it just basically adds to the back. The nice thing is what you could do is just take acknowledgements about the author, copyright, your title page, all that stuff, you can just delete them. One thing I wished they had was a way to shift and delete a whole bunch at once, but there isn’t so it’s a little bit more work. We get rid of this. We don’t need our table of contents. We don’t need our front matter on this. We don’t need our book description. What we will do is move copyright. Well, we can delete that because it’s the same as the other one you’ll see at the bottom here.

Now we’ve got two different books, but the problem is you’ve got chapters 1 to 19 and then chapter 1. It’s really up to you what you want to do. What I generally do is add a page in the front here with the picture on it or the chapter, because it doesn’t really make sense to continue 20, 21, 22, blah blah blah. What I usually do is just put the title only in there and it makes it really easy. You could add a new page if you want but since it’s going to be for an ebook you don’t really have to do that. What I do of course is insert picture. We’re going to go to cover of Fanning The Flames and you can see I have the Fanning The Flames there already done. That marks everything out, and I left that as a heading 1. You probably don’t want that because that’s where it was. I made a style book title so it doesn’t show up in the table of contents. You don’t really need it. There’s heading 1, which this will show is chapter 1.

One other thing I like to do is put an them dash in there, so what you can do is alt 0151. Believe that’s command 151 on the Mac; I’m not sure. It’s an them dash and that puts that in there to separate it out so now your table of contents will actually show Fanning The Flames. Of course you could just put a space, a dash, whatever you want there. That is about it. Of course you’d do the same thing for the other books. You’ll have to change your table contents, which is easy. We go up to book. Build table of contents I always create with Jutoh’s help. I’ve set all that up on my template, which you can find. I don’t ever add my title page. People don’t generally go what the. I start with book description and go. Now you can see Fanning The Flames chapter 1 shows up. Of course I would have had Fighting The Flames chapter 1 there if I was doing this for real.

We’re done and you can see now that our table of contents is updated. Now you can create your epub or your moby pocket or whatever you want. As I said, doing this, if you want three or four or five or six or seven books you just keep on going up to book, import from project, and it will add. You’ll have to do a little bit of changing and of course some editing, but that shows you how easy it is to put a perfectly formatted book that’s got all your styles already done and ready. I hope that helps.

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