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Born Again

Betrayal isn’t always bad. Sometimes it can lead exactly where you need to be. But then again, maybe not.

Jeff is celebrating his twenty-eight and a half “birthday”. After all, twenty-nine is coming up fast and then… well, there’s a reason there are clubs for his demographic.

Have you ever been caught up in something you can’t control. You know, get involved with a cause or a fling and things happen? Well, now you know how Jeff will soon feel. It’s literally life or death.

When he meets Tanya, and she says she want’s to shag a thirty year old, well, let’s say his military training kicks in. Not in the way you think. This is bigger. Life changing. Dangerous, as in real death. He will soon learn how bad his world is broken.

If you like Logan’s Run, you’ll love Born Again. The new science fiction novel from Jon Griffin.

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Buy Born Again

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