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How to Replace a Book in a Jutoh Compilation

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One of the great things about Jutoh is it’s very easy to make compilations. I have a video about making a compilation in Jutoh. You know that I love it, but one of the problems that I found was I had an older book from a client that was re-edited, and now I need to put the new edited version in. I was thinking to myself, how can I do this without re-doing the whole thing? Well, the first thing I did was go up to book, import from project. It comes up, you can import from whatever your project was. That didn’t work.

Of course import from project, I had to also do one other thing, which was make a revision of the original book, which was straightforward. You can just copy and paste stuff in. I started thinking, I don’t want to import because it brings in all of the current formatting which may ruin all these other books. In this case, there’s two other ones, so three total. I said, “Okay, how can I do this?” One of the things that’s not very intuitive in Jutoh how easy it is to delete and copy documents. We’ll go to delete documents.

We’re going to delete Chapter One, Two, Three, Four, all the way down to Eighteen. I don’t want to delete the last. I normally I don’t delete the first either in case there’s extra stuff there, but in this case I know there isn’t so we’ll delete that. You can see now we have a book description which is the main book, and then there’s Chapter Nineteen, which is the last book. Let’s go down and look at that. There’s nothing there. Just a little blurb about finding stuff. We don’t really need this one either. I do like to keep them because in this case, it’s not as important because I’ve got book description as a flag to know where to import from. Let’s just for the sake of it, leave it, and pretend there’s something there we want to save. Some verbiage or something.

What we’re going to do is look down here, and we’ve got our second book which is actually the standalone version of the book, not in the bundle. Here’s the updated new version, and it’s got everything. You can go up to document, and remember we had delete documents. There’s also copy documents, but you have to be careful. You want to go where you want to copy, so let’s go to book descriptions. Anything after that is where it’s going to be imported. We’ll have two Chapter Nineteens, but that’s okay. We’ll delete it when it’s done.

What we do here is we go to document, copy documents. Go to the next book, and you can see there’s two actual books, the bundle and the standalone book. We don’t need the description. We just do all of these chapters. It’s very easy other than a little bit of work up front for a second. It’s not like you do this everyday, so it’s not that big a deal. You hit okay. You’ll notice now in our compilation that we got Chapter One, and there we go. New section break. This is some editing in here that doesn’t matter to most people.

We’ve got Chapter Nineteen, but is this the new one or the old one? It’s going to be the new one because it’s got a completely different ending in it. This one had look for the books, blah-blah-blah. Here I just ended it without the end because I’ve heard, and it’s not been proven one or the other, I haven’t found it to be true, but just to be on the safe side if you put “The End,” Amazon stops counting your Kindle Unlimited word count at that point. This is our original Chapter Nineteen. We can just delete that. Right click, hit delete. Make sure, say, “Yes.” Okay.

Now we’ve got the entire new book. All the chapters, the edits, and everything else. All we have to do is compile except it won’t. I don’t want to show you because it’s just kind of … You’ll see for yourself if it’s an error. It’s going to find that there’s all these new chapters in here. One thing we want to do in this case is put in the new book title. In this case, I want to add an M-dash, because that’s what this author likes, so we’ll just type it. I know the code happens to be zero-one-five-one, so it’s all zero-one-five-one. Not sure on the Mac. It’s Control or whatever your other key is.

We’ve added that, so we’re good to go. Our Chapter Nineteen has our end point. If we compile, it won’t come out right. That’s because you need to actually clean up the document. One thing I do because it’s turned into a pain if I don’t, we want to remove all index entries and remove automatic bookmarks and unused bookmarks. Don’t know if unused bookmarks is that important, but it doesn’t hurt because it’s not used, so it will clean it up. We’ll hit yes. As you can see, there were fifty-four changes. Most of those are going to be related to the Table of Contents.

In this case, they wanted the Table of Contents with all the books, all three books, with all the chapters. Some people just like to have the main book, so it’s a little short Table of Contents, but then people can’t move back and forth. I’m not sure in Kindle that it matters too much, but I’m going to leave this the way it is because there’s no point in changing it. Now, we just go to our old build Table of Contents. Do our table, and we are done.

Now, all we have to do is compile, and hopefully everything works. It does, and we now have a new compilation with the all new book. If you go to the Table of Contents, you’ll see even though here I normally label these just so I know where they are, but it doesn’t affect anything as far as the actual book layout. That’s just a placeholder. We can see in the real Table of Contents that it shows up as that book. To the next book right here, blah-blah-blah.

That’s one easy way to do that. It probably took a little longer because I had to explain it, but now you have a new [mo-v 00:06:18] that you can put up there. Of course if you want to change any of your verbiage of whatever, you can do that just by hitting your picture and change your metadata, but I don’t need to do that in this case. That’s it. I hope it helped.

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