Jutoh - Hyperlink not resolved in TOC

If you are using a Jutoh template that was created in version 1 in a Jutoh 2 program, you may get a compile error when you try to create a .mobi file.

The error will say: *Hyperlink not resolved in toc (possible reason can be that link points to a tag with display:none)*

Fig. 1 – Some hyperlinks could not be resolved

This is a little misleading since the error is really caused by a corrupt object. Usually an image that is present in the template file. You can get a hint by noticing it’s in section-0001.html, but unless you make a .epub file, you can’t examine the book (Book | Examine or F6). You may also try to cleanup the document. Specifically, Remove automatic bookmarks, Remove unused bookmarks, Remove all index entries. You will find that won’t work.

Fig. 2 Document cleanup (Book -> Document Cleanup

Possible fix for Jutoh versions 2.4.6 and earlier.

Farther down in the Document cleanup dialog box is a setting that may help. It should convert any version 1 code and convert it.

Fig.3 Jutoh – Remove old formatting

Manual fix for version 2.4.6 and earlier

If that doesn’t work, you can manually fix this as well. First you need to compile an epub. Then go to (Book | Examine), or press F6 on PC. Remember where the error mentioned which section the error is in? In this case, section-0001.html. You can navigate to that file and look at it. That will show you the html so you know which “chapter” the error is in. Then click on the text (it will probably be a heading since those normally get mapped to the TOC). Click on them and when you are on the corrupt object, a dialog box will appear. Just click and it will be cleaned up.

Fig. 4 Corrupt object warning

Jutoh 2.4.7 and higher

Julian, the genius behind Jutoh, has told me that Book | Document Cleanup / Remove old formatting, will add better corruption detection. So by running this + updating the TOC it should fix the problem. No more manual fixes. (note: as I write this, the new version hasn’t been released so I can’t be sure of the version number).

A final caveat. Make sure you keep your version of Jutoh up to date. This is very easy to do. Simply go to Help | Check for Updates. If there are any updates, simply follow the prompts, it is painless I promise!

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