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Add Your Book to GoodReads


I’m going to show you how as an author you can add your book to Goodreads ahead of the release date. Many authors depend on Goodreads as well as Amazon for reviews and if you send out advanced review copies, it’s a good idea to actually ask your reviewers to put a review either on Amazon, Goodreads or both preferably. One things that’s always hardest from an author point of view, Goodreads is really terrible from an interface point of view. Sorry, just saying if you love it, well you like 1980s computer science but I digress.

Anyway, I do some work for other people and this is one of my author friends so I won’t forget mainly and also to help you hopefully is to actually show you how to do that. These are books that she already has out. What you want to do it go up here. You click “My Books” and can see this interface is absolutely terrible. You can’t tell that’s a link unless you go over it. So, we click on “My Books.”

Make you’re at the author interface because you actually have two. Another weird thing with Goodreads. Then go all the way down to the bottom. You’ll notice in this little tiny print that anybody over the age of 30 probably can’t read, “To add more books click here.” Here’s where you can add your book. You can put in pretty much everything you normally have. I’m not a robot. You click that. Then you hit, “Create book.” That’s it.

Eventually you’ll be able to add your cover just hit accept and you’re ready to go. Like I said, this is very short, sweet and mainly was for my reference but I hope it helps some other people. If you want to keep up with my posts, I don’t spam. In fact, I hardly ever send e-mails but I will send you one when there’s a new post about writing or the technical points of writing as well. Just make sure you sign up on the box probably on your right.

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